Immersive technologies in the oil and gas industry
Immersive technologies are modes of altering, replicating, or enhance reality. An umbrella term, this includes augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. Immersive technologies have promised a great deal of widespread improvement across the energy industry, but a lack of audience and an unwillingness to take risks has prevented large-scale uptake. Recent hardware developments and changing public
AI could let China beat US and Saudi Arabia in oil exports
As recent studies show, China will unlikely surpass leading oil exporters like the US, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. With new technologies such as AI properly implemented, China now has the potential to disrupt the global energy market enough to undermine major exporters position. Digitalisation is inevitable for oil and gas companies to be competitive and
FLNG market surges | Oil & Gas IQ

FLNG market surges | Oil & Gas IQ

The significant plunge in oil price trends that has created a challenging environment for the LNG sector, can be primarily credited for FLNG market growth. Against this backdrop, conventional LNG players are embarking on experiments based on FLNG technology. Though still a niche segment, the FLNG market has of late gained global attention, due to
News Stream - Top 10 oil and gas trends 2019
Who should we be keeping an eye on in the year ahead? As January comes to a close, News Stream look at the people and organisations you should be keeping your eye on as we move through 2019. A recent report named the ten most influential commentators in oil and gas, as well as the
Remaining competitive in the digital marketplace Digitalisation is an inevitable move for any oil and gas companies who are aiming to remain competitive in a changing landscape, and is an inherent part of the challenges faced throughout the market structure, as well as when dealing with the human factor. The primary motivation for investment in
Top 10 oil and gas industry trends, influencers, and organisations 2019
According to the latest report by GlobalData, the International Energy Agency is the most influential company working in oil and gas at the start of 2019. For those of you who (somehow) don’t know what the IEA do, 2019’s most powerful group are a team of countries founded in 1974 that collectively work to respond
The oil and gas industry is not typically seen as an artificial intelligence (AI) innovator, but that perception may soon change. A Markets and Markets report estimates the value of AI in the oil and gas industry will reach $2.85 billion by 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12.66 per cent. Artificial
The marine industry has seen its clean future in alternative fuel types. As fuel related costs represent a significant part of a ship’s budget, low sulphur fuels will be too expensive and likewise scrubbers can be an expensive solution. Adding to the challenges, there is neither an organized structure for disposal of the filtered sulphur,